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Control your TiVo with… a BlackBerry?

TivologoSorry for the incredulous sounding title, but when it comes to mobile video entertainment, BlackBerry isn’t likely the first brand that comes to mind. Big kudos to RIM on this one though; today’s announcement thatthe coming-soon remote TiVo recording through a ‘Berry shows that the handset platform is continuing a consumer push. You won’t be able to view TiVo content based on this news, but it’s not a leap to see this develop in the future. In fact, the press release mentions "Future collaboration between the companies will focus on software applications that further simplify mobile access to video content". When the software arrives later this year, the integration will allow users to control the TiVo so you can set up recordings remotely.

Note that this type of service isn’t exactly new: using a web-browser and Windows Media Center PC a good few years ago offered me the same functionality. Folks that own a SlingBox can also remotely control their DVR, as well as watch recorded content. However, there’s a vast number of TiVo units out there so enabling them for easier remote access with a BlackBerry, or other handset for that matter, is something that many consumers will welcome.
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