Cablevision: Heck Yeah, We’re Doing Network DVRs

Cablevision, which recently claimed a legal victory when a court ruled that its network DVR does not infringe on copyright, says it will be taking the service to market “early next year,” reports Light Reading. Speaking at a Merrill Lynch Conference in Marina Del Ray, Calif., Cablevision COO Tom Rutledge said the company would roll out network (or “remote storage”) DVRs:

“…on our campus next week…We have advised all the copyright holders that we are going to do it. We’ll be doing a real consumer trial in the relatively near future.”

Pricing and packaging have yet to be laid out, but Rutledge says the network DVR would cost the cable company $100 less per customer than supplying each one with their own box.

Some people aren’t fans of the network DVR and the idea of giving up control, but we don’t think it’s such a dumb idea. Storage wouldn’t be limited to what could fit an individual box (sorry, TiVo and your huge new XL), you could access content from any room in the house, and my wife would throw up her arms and cheer as we tossed the hulking silver monstrosity currently sitting under our TV.

Of course, the previous court decision could be appealed and taken to the Supreme Court, but until then, kudos to Cablevision for forging ahead.


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