Updated: Setanta Scores Own Goal With Free Highlights?; ITV Strikes Belated Deal


image Has Setanta scored an own goal after failing to strike a deal with the BBC and ITV (LSE: ITV) to show highlights of England



Setanta did score an own goal, but not because they showed it for free, but because they missed the opportunity to show good will to England fans AND make money and subscriptions, which they could have done if they streamed it for free on their website, supported by adverts.

My full opinion is here: http://guesto.wordpress.com/2008/09/12/setanta-score-own-goal-over-england-v-croatia-highlights/ (I hit upon the same cliched pun in the title as you!)

I think they deserve a backlash of opinion from fans

Keith Geddes

Just goes to show its still down to money… it costs to operate doesnt it. I read about it far too late, and had I been interested, I have freeview.. but way too late to watch it. So that backfired, didnt it. Flippin sport. I bet NO ONE puts up accurate viewing figures to prove they are more successful than anyone else.
The whole thing is a face to me. WE WON.. blimey.. then I got a lecture from a mate saying some other countries player who gets peanuts in pay ran rings around one of our millionaire players. So.. money again. How come our expensive players cant play as well as those who get nearly nothing. Like most sport, once you`ve made the big time.. the hunger goes? One too many matches lost, goodbye manager. Fickle. I`m never going to pay more than the licence.. which we have to pay by law. PAY to watch what I`m already paying for? Free to air and freeview for me ta very much. One day they may iron out the glitches.


setanta is £12 once you sign on try cancelling be warned its very very hard radio 5 devoted 2hrs yesterday discussing it


I think its disgusting that we have to pay to watch out national team play. We already pay for Sky & the TV licence fee. Where is it going to end??

All England matches should be on regular tv so that everyone has the oportunity to watch "our" team play.


They would do a lot worse than offer some sort of pay-per-view offering.

I for one am not willing to stump up £8 per month (or £80 per year) to watch the 1 or 2 games a month (on average) that I would be interested in.

However if they offered PPV at say £2.50 per game (max) then I may be interested. In fact if the extra 10 million fans who watched the last game versus Croatia on the Beeb were to have paid a quid each then they would have made a nice hefty profit.


"though it was a bit too little, too late for fans"

Too right! I have only just found out! Bah and Humbug!

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