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NYT Ready For Back To School With Knowledge Network; Mediabistro Signs On

Continuing its quest for online revenues, the New York Times Company is expanding its Knowledge Network online course program with 15 universities and educational institutions. In addition to schools like New York University and Stanford University, Mediabistro, which makes much of its revenue from its course offerings, will also partner with NYTCo on the online program offerings. Some of the topics being taught include business, writing, history, health and politics.

The program includes 47 interactive classes this fall. Prices are set by the individual entities hosting the courses with NYTCo (NYSE: NYT). sharing an unspecified cut, according to Felice Nudelman, executive director, education. The courses use content from the archives; in addition, 20 NYT reporters and editors will participate in the courses this semester. NYTCo. also will provide exclusive digital content, along with encouraging the course directors to use its website archives for classes. Nudelman expects some younger readers, but many of the courses fall into the “continuing education” category aimed at professionals as well: “We see this as one more way to expand what a newspaper can do. We have always been involved in education and have extensive relationships with over 1,200 colleges. This is a good way to tap into those existing ties.”