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I am still sifting through all the information I have gathered this week while attending a couple of conferences. This has taken my focus away from what’s in the news. The good news is that most of the team has been busy at work. You can follow our Twitter-style News Feed over on GigaOM Daily  which has tons of the latest news for your consumption. (Get RSS or follow on Twitter.)

Across the GigaOM network this morning we have published most of the important news-related posts with our unique analysis. I thought I would pick out some of the highlights and share them with you:

* On NewTeeVee, Liz Gannes recommends VideoSurf, a tool that allows you to search for videos in cool new visual way. She unearthed some details on VideoSurf earlier this month. It is funded by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt and has raised $5.5 million.

* James Kendrick on jkOnTheRun reports that Nokia has added support for Exchange on all of its S60 phones. Great news for your boss. My “I don’t have a Blackberry, I have a Nokia” excuse doesn’t work anymore.

* On Earth2Tech, Katie Fehrenbacher profiles Matt Lecar, a long-time energy investor who is making angel investments in cleantech.

Here are two articles that you might enjoy reading:

* OStatic: Getting more out of Google Chrome.
* WebWorkerDaily: 6 tools for changing your writing rhythms. Good tips for bloggers and daily news reporters.

I am spending most of my time catching up with stuff and preparing for Mobilize 08, our mobile conference on Sept. 18th in San Francisco. Hopefully you’re coming. Buy your tickets here if you have not done so, for we are close to selling out. 

Just a question: Now these are my picks, the stories I like the most from across the network. Do you want me to share these links with you often, or do you prefer going to the other sites and discovering our great content on your own? Please share your feedback using our poll. 

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Kiran Patchigolla

I guess it depends, I can see this useful to me on very busy days when I don’t have enough time to go through all my feeds. However, this can get redundant most of the time, like todays post is redundant for me as I already read through all those articles.

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