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Sex, Drugs and Oil Probes: According to three reports delivered to Congress today, “a culture of ethical failure” has permeated the Interior Department, which is in charge of oil and gas royalties. The reports found that government employees accepted gifts and engaged in illegal drug use and inappropriate sexual relations with energy reps. And you thought the Interior Department was boring – CNN.

“The Economics of Clean Water”: David Zetland, blogger at Aguanomics, explains why simply laying more pipe won’t necessarily help the UN reach it’s Millennium Development Goal of halving the number of people without “sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation” – NYTimes Freakanomics Blog.

$100B Renewable Energy Investment Could Yield 2M Jobs: A new report estimates that if the government invested $100 billion over two years, some 2 million jobs in 6 sectors of cleantech would be created. Check out our post on this news and the greater roll the government could play in cleantechCenter for American Progress.

DOE Pays $4.4M to Send Biofuels to School: The Department of Energy will invest up to $4.4 million in six different university projects working on turning non-food feestocks into advanced biofuels – DOE.

Solel Opens Finnish $9M Solar Reflector Facility: Solar thermal startup Solel opened a $9 million solar reflector manufacturing facility in Finland today in partnership with glass processor Glaston. The facility will have the capacity to make enough reflective parabolic troughs for 50 megawatts of solar installations – Press Release.

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