Open Thread: Where are the Exciting Startups?

Depending on how much you pay attention to the tech press, you may be aware that the DEMOfall08 and TechCrunch50 conferences were this week. But – although you’ll find some coverage on our parent blog GigaOM – we haven’t featured a single startup from either of those conferences on WWD. Why not?

The main reason is that we haven’t seen anything coming out of either one of those events that looks like it will make a difference to the average web worker in the short run. Indeed, we suspect that the majority of these high-profile launches will vanish without a trace. The world already has a pretty good supply of mobile, social applications who mistake using Google AdWords for a business strategy. While that doesn’t characterize every startup at the conferences, the level of innovation seemed to be off from some past years.

But surely the web can’t be running out of innovation steam, can it? Here’s our invitation to you, the real web workers: what have you seen lately that was new and exciting? What tools and services have you run into that do help streamline your day? What’s worth shouting from the virtual rooftops about, even if it didn’t participate in the VC-fueled dog-and-pony shows this week?


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