Mac 101: Open Mutiple Files in Preview Simultaneously


When I have a large photo set I would like to look at in OS X the quickest and easiest way is to open them with Preview. Unfortunately, when you click on one picture that is in the same folder as the rest of the pictures, Preview doesn’t automatically recognize the photo is a part of a set and let you scroll through them all at once (you have to open each one individually).

To open photos as a set in Preview all you have to do is:

  1. Highlight all of them (click the first picture in the set and while holding shift click the last photo in the set)
  2. Right click on them
  3. Chose “Open with” > Preview



This is why I switched to Xee for a lot of image types. It launches incredibly fast, displays data about the image, and you can just hit the Space bar to traverse all images in the directory from which you opened the original file. So, if I open one image file on the Desktop, Xee will let me browse through all other images on the Desktop just by hitting Space. Xee doesn’t provide the image editing features that Preview does, and it doesn’t support printing, but I rarely need those features. And if I do, I’ll use the Open With… suggestion you described here (often with Quicksilver) or I will drag the image to the icon of the image editor of my choice in the dock.


Why would I want to open Mutiple files? I would be afraid to multilate them ;-)


If you want Preview instead of Quick Look just select the files and press “COMMAND + O”.


I recommend keeping in the dock. Then you can just drag your images to its icon, and the files are opened. Just letting Finder open them doesn’t always work as desired; for example, if the files are created using Photoshop, they will be opened in it.

David Cintron

Or in Leopard just higlight the photo and tap your spacebar to invoke Quick Look and use the arrow keys to move through the multiple files.


Nah. It’s easier than that.

1. Highlight all of them
2. Double click on them

Done. Works only if Preview is your default. But since it actually is in this case there is no need for a right click.

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