Looking for Stowaway Bluetooth products?



We often get e-mails asking where to get a particular device and the most oft asked for items are the Stowaway Bluetooth keyboards and mice. These wireless peripherals are difficult to find because iGo purchased the company line and then discontinued these products in January of this year. I happened to be checking some device prices over at Dynamism this morning and noticed that they have both Stowaway keyboards and the mouse in stock.

I used the original folding keyboard with my Samsung Q1 UMPC but later upgraded to the more expensive Sierra model to gain a dedicated number row. Both have served me very well as they work great, fold up to take less space and run forever on batteries. OK, maybe not forever, but I usually see a good four to six months between battery swaps. I haven’t used the Stowaway Bluetooth Mouse yet, but it should pair up quite nicely with the MSI Wind so I don’t have to solely rely on the smaller trackpad.
You can find these at Dynamism going for $69 to $99. We have no affiliation with Dynamism; I’m simply passing along this information because so many folks ask us where to find these units. I’ll also disclose that I paid for my recent MSI Wind purchase from Dynamism with personal funds. I did receive a $20 discount, but that was available to anyone who eye-spied the open-box deal. Hope this helps a few mobile tech folks out there!



Yeah to bad none that good stuff will work with the iPhone. I don’t understand why apple insists on having the most retarded brain dead stack in the universe. The dam things can’t even sync wireless with their own laptops, I mean what are they smoking. I guess it will take a class action suite over the lack of voice dial support (probable after a bunch deaths mind you) that they will get it together.


I have purchased both keyboards on eBay and Amazon for about half price. Other than that they are hard to find for less than $70.


try tuesday morning. the last time i was there they had the keyboards for $39


If supplies run out, OQO.com had them available direct for fairly outrageous prices last I checked.


These are great devices, I have all of them and have no real idea why igo decided to kill them off. But, they can be found for about 30$ new and refurb, and on ebay of course. I’d wait a few weeks for another deal to pop up. For that money, the are really great.

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