Lenovo delays S10 shipments


It seems that Lenovo shipment delays on new systems is a recurring theme as we’ve heard about such delays regularly when they announce a new product.  Liliputing is reporting that their order for an IdeaPad S10 netbook has just been delayed for two months, a long time to wait for a new product.  They weren’t informed of the delay until after the original scheduled ship date given at order time.  This doesn’t bode well for Lenovo as the S10 I suspect has been selling like crazy and if they can’t get them out the door that’s not good.



Order MSI

Please cancel your orders. The more that get cancelled to MSI or Asus, the quicker I will get mine.


i tried telling everyone who was running around quoting their 9/9 ship date that it was NOT going to happen, & you wouldnt see these devices until October at the soonest.

the only good thing i can say about it is by then the DC Atom will be released & the S10 should come equipped with it. but this will require canceling & reordering.

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