HTC Touch HD has WVGA goodness for Windows Mobile 6.1


Touchhd1HTC looks to be advancing the "Touch" concept of Windows Mobile phones even further; this time with an 800×480 screen on a device that’s comparable in size to current iPhones. MoDaCo shares the specs on this Windows Mobile 6.1 device that’s due out "in time for Santa":

  • GPS, Bluetooth and HSDPA support. I’d assume WiFi as well.
  • Same 528 MHz Qualcomm CPU as the Touch Diamond
  • Large 512 MB of ROM / 256 MB of RAM
  • 5-megapixel camera
  • 3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the device
My goodness that screen looks sweet! Personally we’re at the point now where QVGA screens are just downright disappointing to me and devices with larger screens should have at least VGA resolution. The HTC Touch HD goes the extra mile with WVGA which is the max that WinMo 6.1 supports. My guess: a European launch first with other countries to follow in early 2009. Stay tuned.



I just wanna know what moron sat at the design meeting and said “let’s skip not only the d-pad but any semblance of jog dial as well”. ;)

But yeah, hard to argue with that screen for people who don’t do a lot of on-the-go data entry.

Jahan Khan Rashid

Hmm i like the look of this, i think ill get this now that the touch flow 3d updates make it real snappy on the diamond, only had the diamond a couple of months no i want the hd lol!


Yeah, if they added the slide-open keyboard, I’d skip the Touch Pro in favor of this one. :)

Kevin C. Tofel

Fernando, it looks like a majority of the face is screen and the overall device dimensions are nearly identical to the iPhone. My educated guess is that this screen has to be at least 3.25-inches.


Hmmm, what is the size of the screen on this device (is it still 2.8 inch?). This is a big difference with the 3.5 inch screen of the iPhones.


I’m starting to wish that Microsoft would release some details about WinMo 7 because there are some really nice phones coming out close to the end of the year and I’d hate to buy one and find that it can’t be upgraded.

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