Green Mayors Compete for Cleantech as They Join on Climate Change


San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed have been battling it out to make their neighboring cities greener than the other’s — every week it seems the Mayors have a new announcement of how they have added green jobs and coaxed a hot cleantech startup to set up shop in their locale. At the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s Clean and Green conference where Newsom and Reed met to discuss a regional partnership to fight climate change, they openly discussed the municipal competition, calling it healthy to spur the growing industry.

Newsom said he’s actively watching San Jose’s green moves, “casing their joints,” and checking out the green info on its web site. High-profile green cities are all borrowing each other’s ideas, noted Newsom, pointing out that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has created a similar green taxi program and called for urban wind — just like San Francisco has previously done. San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed had similar comments: “We are a little bit competing to be greenest, but it is good to have competition.”

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