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Family Guy Creator Launches Cavalcade of Comedy

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Seth MacFarlane kicked off his long-anticipated, multimillion-dollar, Google AdSense-distributed Cavalcade of Comedy animated series today. Two new shorts are live on both MacFarlane’s and on the show sponsor Burger King’s YouTube channel.

Fans of Family Guy will be pleased to know that MacFarlane’s new apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, featuring much of the same kind of pop-culture-filled humor that made MacFarlane a frat house name.

As we’ve written before, Cavalcade is unique in the web video world in that it will be distributed via Google AdSense to sites that are demographically aligned. There will be 50 episodes with “new Cavalcade shorts every week.”

8 Responses to “Family Guy Creator Launches Cavalcade of Comedy

  1. I’ve been really looking forward to this concept to really help independent filmmakers find a viable way for them to generate content.

    I have to say that the intro for BK was tolerable, although I hope that it would change over the course of the series.

    The actual video was a bit weak unfortunately. Perhaps the series will develop more with time because as an indie filmmaker I really want to see this succeed.

    Adam – the blog about indie film self distribution – the film 30 days in the woods, no food, or shelter on a water only fast.

  2. I find it interesting that the integrated Burger King “promotion” at the top appears to be a Burn In and I’m surprised that it is a burn in that could travel to any site as advertisers have been worried about having their marketing appear on sites that are inappropriate.

    I hope this is a trend and that advertisers, marketers and media buyers will loosen up a little.