Everun Note reviewed: portable powerhouse


Img_7250UMPC Portal provides a thorough and detailed review of the latest UMPC offering from Raon Digital, the Everun Note. The device has a 7-inch touchscreen display, full keyboard and plenty of power under the hood with the 1.2 GHz AMD Turion X2, so how well does it work? Pretty darn good based on the review; the only performance issue that Steve seemed to find was Google Earth unable to run. As far as heavy-duty video and light gaming, the Everun Note passed with flying colors.

Aside from the smallish keyboard, the expected pain point is the battery life. That should be expected anytime you pair up a relatively powerful processor with a 20 W/hr battery. Steve figures that if you’re using WiFi on the device, you’re looking at up to 2.5 hours. There’s an extended battery solution in the works, so between the extended and standard battery, six to seven hours of connected computing isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. Looks like a nice little device if you’re looking for something smaller than and more powerful than a netbook.



So — would they save money by putting those components into an easier-to-engineer case (like, say, the MSI Wind’s)?

Also, why would you put anything like a decent graphics processor in something with a 7″ screen, with no practical input capabilities?

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