Dr. Pic: a Flash-less online image editor



Not that I have anything against Flash, but this AJAX solution for image editing is pretty nifty and doesn’t require Flash to be installed. Dr. Pic offers basic functionality like resizing, cropping and rotation, but there’s a few semi-advanced goodies in there as well. I used the Spread effect on the above image of my MSI Wind so folks couldn’t tell which OS I was installing over the weekend. Well… maybe I should have increased the pixel spread a little higher. ;)

Like all other web-based image editing tools, you have to first upload your image and once editing is complete you either save it back down locally or store it on a free image hosting website. Looks like another tool for the web-based toolbox similar to Adobe Photoshop Express and various Firefox extensions. More editing… less Flash.
(via Hackszine)



anyone here managed to put “X” on the HP MiniNote? Or is that a no-go because of the VIA CPU?

Andrew / acetuk

I never said OS X either… well, not quite… I’m playing a game of hunt the treasure with my daughter where X marks the spot.

Or something like that!! :)

Kevin C. Tofel

Andrew, I never said I was putting OS X on my Wind. We actually have nine MSI Winds in the house and line them up 3×3 to play Tic-Tac-Toe. I went first and had X’s… that’s all. ;)

Andrew / acetuk

Nice picture!

I’ve put the same “X” OS on my Advent 4211 / MSI Wind. A quick change of hard drive, extra stick of ram, swapped in my Q1 wifi card (which was “X” compatible, the Wind card is now in the Q1 and running under XP fine) and I am in mobile heaven.

And it works really nicely. Much better than I expected.

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