Speak a location on your phone, it appears on your Dash Express GPS

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Was it just a week or two ago that I said Dial Directions would be partnering with other services? It was and there’s more news to speak of on this front. The Dash Express folks have integrated some interesting voice services that take advantage of the easy-to-use Dial Directions. Owners of the Dash GPS can simply call Dial Directions and speak their destination; the service will then send that destination directly to the Dash Express unit, avoiding the standard on-screen text entry. I always found it to be a pain to enter addresses on my current GPS solution (an in-car option on our Toyota), so speed-dialing a number and speaking the address sounds good to me. Check it in the vid above.

Want options other than Dial Directions? Dash is adding other useful options today as they’re also partnering with TellMe and Microsoft’s Live Search services. Local business search results, by name or category, can be sent directly from Live Search to your Dash or you can call TellMe to search by voice. At this point, all you need is a phone and a Dash Express to find and enter your next destination thanks to these voice services and the Internet connection in a Dash Express GPS.

I like the fact that this solution uses something I already have, and always have with me for that matter: my phone. Additionally, I don’t actually have to be physically near my GPS to enter destinations with these methods. Hmmm… did I just get place-shifted? I don’t feel any different. ;)

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That’s cool and suggests that someday the dash might be worth the rather insane monthly rates for super dated hardware that they are charging, if they can survive 3 or 4 generations and get caught up with look and feel for both their box and their fuglly 3d UI.

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