BlueOrganizer: A Slick Grab Bag of Search Smarts

I’m a big fan of better ways to search online, as I’ve written about before. Recently, I’ve been using a very handy Firefox extension that can help you search and discover points of online interest in unique ways: BlueOrganizer.

BlueOrganizer lets you share content on, Twitter, and Facebook, but it really stands out in my eyes for doing what is seen in the bottom three entries of the menu above. I got to this menu by right-clicking on content on a web page.

BlueOrganizer helps you identify where you may find information similar to information you’re searching for or reading about. For example, when I right-clicked on text in a software review I was reading, and then selected “Similar Sites on Google” I got to a page of Google results for software reviews and downloads.

Sometimes BlueOrganizer is more precise about what it identifies as “similar” than others, but it’s a very handy way to look laterally at related topics to the one you’re focusing on.

The extension goes well beyond this. It allows you to create its own style of Bookmarks, and generate tags for them, which can be an aid in navigating and revisiting sites. And, BlueOrganizer is social network savvy. It’s very easy to right-click on an item you like and share it on Facebook or, for example.

I’m still exploring some of the other features, but BlueOrganizer’s ability to help me look to the left and right of topics in search engines already makes it a keeper. It’s pretty smart about helping me find information similar to what I’m focused on.


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