Aquaflow Delivers Green Crude Samples

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The New Zealand company Aquaflow Binomics, which is looking to be the first company in the world to economically produce biofuel from wild algae harvested from open-air environments, said on Wednesday that it has produced the first samples of its “green crude.” The bio-crude can lead to fuels similar to diesel and jet fuel, that can “literally be ‘dropped into’ the existing petroleum fuels infrastructure,” said Aquaflow chairman, Barrie Leay in a statement.

Unlike some of the algae-to-fuel companies that grow algae in bioreactors and closed controlled settings, Aquaflow is focusing on wild algae that can be grown in wastewater and local city waste streams — and thus doesn’t need extra land space for food crops. And the algae not only produces fuel, it can clean the water waste stream, says Aquaflow, and ultimately deliver water “much cleaner than with existing treatment systems.”

Last year publicly held Aquaflow used its algae-based biodiesel to run a Land Rover driven by New Zealand’s Minister of Climate Change. And it’s been working with Boeing on algae-to-bio-based jet fuel. Now that it’s got the samples, let’s start seeing commercialization of the fuel.

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