Broadband Content Bits: Deutsche Welle, Big Bang Test, Orange TV Jordan

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Deutsche Welle: German broadcaster Deutsche Welle is adding its DW-TV channel to Microsoft-backed, P2P-based online TV platform Livestation, joining BBC World, EuroNews, France 24, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera and Russia Today, the service says.

Big bang: Scientists at the CERN Swiss physics lab called on Livestation and Joost to help broadcast this morning’s important super-collider experiment replicating the birth of the universe. CERN had two of its own webcasts but interest led to servers being overwhelmed. Joost and Livestation stepped in to carry the live video coverage, becoming an official media partner at the last minute.

Orange TV: Orange is still way behind with its planned UK IPTV platform, but at least it’s now launching the service in Jordan. There, “TV From Orange” is a JV with Intracom Telecom and Arab Radio & Television Network, bringing TV, VOD and interactive services including news, weather and local info, focusing on the Arabic market. Via CBR.

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Joost didn't step in at all only Livestation did

Maybe Joost's content team needs to be actively searching opportunities like LiveStation did with CERN .

Last WEEK 300,000 viewers watched the US Open Tennis Mens Final online on the CBS Sports website that was confined to the US by Geo Restrictions if Joost had carried it they could of broadcast worlwide if they where worried about bandwidth costs or their servers crashing .CBS/Viacom is a Joost investor and content partner

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