Pandora over EDGE on the run: better than expected


PandoraiconJames mentioned Pandora yesterday and it led me to try a little experiment on a late afternoon 5k run yesterday. I use Pandora all about the house over WiFi: it’s a common sight & sound in our home as I use the app on my iPhone to pipe tunes through the home entertainment system. Yet, I’ve never used Pandora for any length of time over EDGE, so I tried it yesterday during my run. I realize that everyone’s EDGE coverage area is unique and different, so what works for some won’t work for others. Still, I was pretty impressed.

There was only one quarter-mile section of my run where I experienced audio drops as the iPhone struggled to keep up with the audio stream. Each drop was no more than a second or two: annoying, yes, but not enough to cause me to switch to iTunes. Ironically, during my out-and-back run, Pandora didn’t drop music on the way back through that same quarter mile. I did experience a few seconds of silence between songs during the entire run: Pandora was likely buffering a bit of the upcoming tune. Either way, I was surprised at how well the app kept up with the slower data stream during the run and I’m sure to use it again for my outdoor exercise. Obviously, those with a 3G iPhone and/or solid coverage wouldn’t likely have any problems. And it bears reiterating: your mileage may vary based on factors in your area. Has anyone else tried using Pandora over EDGE for any length of time? I’m curious what your experiences might be like.



It depends on where you are, obviously. It’s not working very well at all on EDGE here in the Dallas/Ft Worth area on T-Mobile. WiFi? Awesome!


My wife and I recently made a round trip from VA to TX and back listening to Pandora on my iPhone. Even though I have a 3G iPhone the majority of the time on the road the phone was using Edge. Overall the experience was very good. Beats the heck out of hunting radio stations every hour.


I tried out using Pandora in my car streaming over Edge network while driving around. I too had a good experience except that it is consistently about a 20-second gap between songs.

Rick Huizinga

I’ve used Pandora over EDGE while driving around town while connected to my car stereo. It worked quite well as it seems to buffer the entire song in memory. However, pressing the skip forward button usually takes a long time as it buffers the next track.

Dave Zack

I use Pandora over Edge all day every day at work, and rarely have any hiccups – maybe one or two blips a day if my signal cuts out for some reason. I don’t even bother syncing music to the phone anymore because I prefer the variety I get from Pandora.

Barbara Duck

Nice and thanks for passing that one along, better than I thought actually and simple and easy to find all my old Moody Blues songs!

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