Leaked Chevy Volt Pics Get Gear Heads All Revved Up

Oops! Somebody’s gonna be in trouble! Late yesterday, pictures of Chevy’s hugely anticipated Volt were “accidentally” leaked onto the Internet, and now they’re every where from the Wall Street Journal to, well, seemingly everywhere the Internet goes.

“It’s just one of those things that happens,” GM spokesman Terry Rhadigan told the Wall Street Journal, and added “We’re looking into the situation.” You bet they are. With all the interest boiling about the Volt, combined with how much GM has riding on the car, PR and image relations are normally as tightly controlled as UFO info out of Area 51. It doesn’t look like GM’s computers were hacked, or that some disgruntled employee sent the pictures out to the world because of spite or some car magazine had a mole within GM. It appears that the shots of (what GM hopes is) the hottest car on the planet got loose due to human error. Whoops!

Sometimes, while pictures or information get “leaked,” if you catch me drift, nudge-nudge, wink-wink, everyone seems to agree that GM most certainly did not do this accidentally on purpose.

Autoblog.com agrees with GM’s “human error” spin, and takes a “we don’t care how, just look at the shots” view. Many are too excited about getting a chance to see the car to really care about where the pictures came from. And they also point out that it’s nice having it next to a real human so you can better judge scale.

About nine other hard-core gearhead sites have their take on it, and of course Jalopnik.com has the funniest, noting a “new trend” in the models GM chooses to have pose with the car: “These images show what is said to be the production model posing with GM’s hunkiest designers and executives,” say the boys from Jalopnik. I think they’re kidding. I hope they’re kidding.

But if GM is on the ball, what they should be paying attention to is what is said in the comments sections of all these oil-dripping car sites, like from Autoblog “Even if aerodynamics meant the car needed to look like this… I’d sacrifice 5mpg to get a version that looks more like the concept.” or “When concept was released, I thought to myself ‘I may take one of these over a camaro’ now, not so much.”

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