iPod Updates, New iPod nano and New iPod touch


Today all four iPod models got at least some love ranging from storage upgrades to new designs.

iPod classic

This version of the iPod has seen the fewest model design changes and today is no exception. The iPod classic has been offered in an 80GB version and a 160GB version. Apple has now discontinued the 160GB version and has given the 80GB model a bump up to 120GB at the same price of $249. The new iPod classic is available today.

iPod nano

The nano has only been around 3 short years but as of today’s announcement, Apple is on it’s fourth design revision. It seems like just yesterday that the previous iPod nano model was released (it was about 1 year ago), but here we are with a new design.

As you can tell from the photo above, the new design feels a lot like the old 2G design. Most of Apple’s product design changes usually feel like they’re moving forward while this design actually feels a bit like a step back. But I guess if ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Kind of makes me wonder if the previous, squashed nano didn’t sell as well as they had hoped (it was certainly my least favorite of the designs).

Design opinions aside, the new nano definitely has a couple of really cool features. They’ve ported the accelerometer from the iPhone/iPod touch to the nano so you can just flip the nano on its side and the screen will rotate in to landscape view on the new, taller screen.

Also, what might be billed as a “cute” feature, is the new “shake” ability. Just give the nano a good shake and it will shuffle your songs…shake again to go to the next random song.

As with most new iPod nano lines, this one comes with a slew of new colors (9 to be exact).

Pricing on the new nano is the same, but with a bump in storage. The 8GB is $149 and the 16GB is $199. The 8GB is available today and the 16GB will be available within the week.

iPod touch

Looks like the iPod touch is getting its first makeover and is taking queues from the iPhone’s design. It now has a contoured steel design that is much closer to the iPhone as well as new volume buttons on the side. Surprisingly it’s also thinner!

Another highly requested feature that has been added is a built in speaker. Jobs readily admitted it’s not for audiophiles, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

Along with the new internal speaker, another hardware change is the inclusion of the Nike+ sensor…so no need to connect the Nike+ dongle anymore.

New pricing for these is as follows: 8GB – $229, 16GB model – $299, 32GB for $399. All are available today.

iPod shuffle

The iPod shuffle didn’t see any new feature updates, but did get a few color changes. Pricing is the same as before.

What are your thoughts on the new designs, upgrades, colors, etc? Do you think Apple is taking a step back with the new iPod nano design?



which is better and ipod touch for $200 or and ipod video with more gigs for $250


I don’t know like which NEW iPod to get, the new iPod nano, or the new iPod touch??? If you guys could give me some feedback on which one to get that would be great!!! Thank!!! :D


They need to come out with a new ipod touch with a camera and video. Then it will be an iphone with out the phone. Then I would definately buy it.


my ipod refused to be updated, what should i do because i have an updater in my system and itunes music player


Im getting a new iPod soon and im not sure whether to get the new iPod nano or the touch, i know you said the new iPod is ugly but that doesnt bother me and neither does the shake to change song thing im really confused.


Cool i really want the new ipod nano now or the ipod touch. very well written very convincing!!


Fatty nano is much better to handle and pocket away. This tall nano is just another Zune copy. Nothing great to see here and violently shaking my nano to switch songs, no thanks. Stupidest idea, not ‘funnest’idea.


and @ 2 million’s post;
I would rather have an ipod nano then the classic, because they are easier to hide in class and detention, they are less bulky, and look pretty.


I hate the new ipod nano, but the ipod touch is better than before.
the new nano is uglier, and bigger. the shake to shuffle song would get annoying, because I run with it, and I don’t want my songs to be changing every two seconds.
the genius feature is okay, but I’d rather have the old ipod nano back. They should tell all ipod nanos, every generation, instead of these fugly ones.


Maybe if you knew someone that you could contact to tell them that if the could be a way to turn the “shake the iPod if you want it to suffle” when they remodle this iPod nano. They know that people run with iPods a whole bunch. They were probably trying to rip people off by making that feature. If I were you I would try to complain about that to the place you bought it from.



I’m not bitching about the size of my iPod. I could if I wanted to, the 80GB that I bought at $249 has been replaced with a 120GB model for the same price. I’m only talking about software, and software which is available on what I can only assume is identical hardware with the exception of a different hard drive.

Let’s think of it this way: If I had a 160GB Classic, why would I want to DOWNGRADE just to get a new software feature that could easily be added to my existing 160GB model? Certainly you can’t argue that that’s technology getting better every year. That’s Apple trying to extort another $249 from me for a smaller device just so I can get a software upgrade.



I didnt bitch when they came out with the updated 80g at $249 less than a year I bought my 30g for the same price. Its called technology, it tends to get better every year. Embrace change


I purchased the first-gen Nano for reasons that STILL make it my favorite Nano: it is compact, elegantly and crisply designed, and it fits in my hand or any pocket like it’s not even in there. I appreciate the full-sized iPod the way I appreciate a Volvo: it lands with a thud. But the first/second gen Nanos are graceful in a way that the best Apple products are.


I already have a Classic 80GB. What I’m wondering is if Apple plans to let us who already have a Classic have the new firmware that is on the 120GB which includes the Genius feature, or if we’re going to be left in the dust just because we don’t feel like buying a new iPod when ours is still only a year old. I can’t seem to find any information to confirm or deny this, nor can I seem to find out what the firmware number on the new Classic is.

Phil M

I picked up the 2nd gen nano instead of the classic a couple years back because of the storage medium. I tend to drop the ipod, or kick it around, leave it in my pocket and do crazy stuff… The hard drive based ipod would not stand up to the abuse (in fact that’s how my first one died) but the flash memory based nano survives. There’s no moving parts!

Yeah I sacrifice the size and the price, but I’ve got 2 years in my nano so far, and as long as the battery holds up, I should be able to see the 5th or 6th gen nano’s before I need a replacement.


I’m looking at getting a an ipod classic. I can’t figure out why someone would pay for a nano? for an extra $100 you can go from 8GB to 120GB, or 50 bucks more to go from 16GB to 120GB. All the specs are the same, the classic has a bigger screen.

The only things better I can see about the nano is that it’s smaller, you can rotate the screen, and now it has the shake to shuffle gimmick, which is cool, but could be annoying if you’re running or working out!

Can someone share why you would rather have a nano than a classic? I feel like I’m missing something…

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