iPhone/iPod touch 2.1 Update: Fewer Dropped Calls, Faster Sync, Better Battery Life, and More


This Friday Apple will be releasing the 2.1 software update for iPhone users.

This update will be completely free for iPhone users and, according to Jobs, will fix address a lot of issues such as dropped calls, crashes, and painfully slow sync times. Along with the fixes will also be better battery life.

The 2.1 update for iPod touch users is actually available today, though it seems most users have had mixed results actually getting the update to work through iTunes. If you’re feeling antsy, you can try downloading the update package directly here, though your results may vary on actually getting it to work. I downloaded the update via that link and the update installed correctly but throws an “Unknown error occurred” message, though data still seems to sync correctly. So, you’ve been warned. :)

The 2.1 update is free for iPod touch users who purchased the 2.0 update but will cost $10 to those who are upgrading from 1.x.

Let me know if you have any issues with either update.

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