iPhone/iPod touch 2.1 Update: Fewer Dropped Calls, Faster Sync, Better Battery Life, and More


This Friday Apple will be releasing the 2.1 software update for iPhone users.

This update will be completely free for iPhone users and, according to Jobs, will fix address a lot of issues such as dropped calls, crashes, and painfully slow sync times. Along with the fixes will also be better battery life.

The 2.1 update for iPod touch users is actually available today, though it seems most users have had mixed results actually getting the update to work through iTunes. If you’re feeling antsy, you can try downloading the update package directly here, though your results may vary on actually getting it to work. I downloaded the update via that link and the update installed correctly but throws an “Unknown error occurred” message, though data still seems to sync correctly. So, you’ve been warned. :)

The 2.1 update is free for iPod touch users who purchased the 2.0 update but will cost $10 to those who are upgrading from 1.x.

Let me know if you have any issues with either update.



i just got a new ipod on the 4 of december 2009 and i keep tryng to sync apps and music but dosent work so i restartes the whole system and try to restore it but it keeps saying that there is an error 13

Gareth R

I’m in the midst of updating to 2.1 and it seems to be taking forever. The bar on the phone under the apple logo finished a long time ago. The bar on the dialogue on top of itunes says “updating iPhone firmware…” and is just spinning. Is this normal? My phone is only 2 weeks old (3G) and isn’t jailbroken or anything like that.

Im mad

Ok, umm i have error 13 for updating, i took my ipod to the apple store, they fixed it for free, but then i tried updating agen, it broke. ill leave another comment later to tell u how to fix it.


I tried to update my 1st gen touch to 2.1 using the latest iTunes, got an error, followed the troubleshooting on Apple’s site, and turned my touch into a brick. Now I have to go to Best Buy to have them run dianogistics, and then send it in for a repair or replacement. This is crap!


Apple is getting to complicated and sloppy with their checking of software. Ever since the major update when the appstore was put on my ipod it has frozen more and more and some of the apps has more bugs than the amazon rain forest. I cant believe apple is getting so sloppy with their screening of the apps. Get it together apple!


This is getting pathetic, every time i try to sync it takes hours, and now i try to update to 2.1 and the backup has been going for four hours, and it’s not even halfway through! It isn’t in the top box, it’s in a whole box of it’s own meaning i can’t use itunes at all while it’s loading… which it has been for quite a while now. Any way to skip this kind of backup?


I just tried updating to 2.1 from 2.0.2 and get a sync error every time. I have tried 3 times tonight with no success.



I have the 1st generation iphone and it has basically been a non-working phone. I like to call it the noPhone.

After downloading this update my call set-up is as bad or worse than ever. NO surprise. two bars at my house is the strongest i ever get with “No Service” often if i dare to move with the noPhone in hand—my old (now missed and beloved!) Razor got a full signal w/AT&T, so it’s 100% the noPhone’s lame-a-bility. husband has the 3G noPhone and gets better reception but not by much. his old Razor was fine too.

got a new SIM a few months ago and no improvement either.

WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY! my time is the thing that irks me more than the money. the noPhone is a *fun* gadget and good for email on the run, but I feel sorry/empathy for people who need to be able to use their PHONE for business and have wasted their time and money on the noPhone and have run into similar problems as I. Thankfully, I don’t really need to use my cell phone that often (I work from home + use my land line during the day) so it is the only reason I can live with it. reception in other parts of the city (S.F.) are better, but still . . .


ok so I put the iphone through the wringer on battery test. Used it in the car with iPod , Bluetooth and turned on wifi when I got to work. Phone lasted the majority of the day with no charge. I am on the fence as to whether or not the battery can last all day. Tomorrow we shall see under a regular day the iPhone holds up.


You can stop the backup by clicking the X next to it. It will not stop the sync, just the backup of your iphone. And BTW, for me, this update has been very good. Took a long time to execute, but, the whole iphone seems snappier. No more keyboard lag. Backups still take forever though…ugh.

It’s definitely an improvement, but, cut and paste and email search is SORELY missing!


Adam Mariucci

This 2.1 update backup is taking FOREVER (almost an hour and only about 20% complete)! How come every time I just want to sync my iPhone (music, videos, photos, etc..) it also does an entire backup? frustrating…


So I decided to upgrade the firmware to 2.1 today and the backup is taking forever. Is there a way to skip the backup before the upgrade? It is taking ridiculous about of time, I mean it has been 5 hrs and it’s only half way done.


For me, if this 2.1 update doesn’t solve the dropped calls problem, I’m chunking the IPhone — AND, I will never buy another Apple product again. The amount of dropped calls that I have had with my IPhone far exceeds the COMBINED total of dropped calls that I’ve had with ALL of the cell phones that I’ve ever owned. Totally unacceptable performance from both Apple and AT&T in regard to equipment, telephone service and especially customer service.


not me I’ve had positive results. Still wagering if the battery life has improved. However if been on 3g allday and gotten five bars the majority of the day. Prior I averaged two. No dropped calls either still no copy and paste though.


Since updating my iPhone to 2.1, 3G bars are full, but every call has either been dropped or failed before connecting. Dropped calls is now much worse for me! Ahhhhh!!!


iPhone 2.1 Software Update

iPhone version 2.1 contains many bug fixes and improvements, including the following:
• decrease in call set-up failures and call drops
• significantly improved battery life for most users
• dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes
• improved email reliability, notably fetching email from POP and Exchange accounts
• faster installation of 3rd party applications
• fixed bugs causing hangs and crashes if you have lots of 3rd party applications
• improved performance in text messaging
• faster loading and searching of contacts
• improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display
• repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming text messages
• option to wipe data after ten failed passcode attempts
• Genius playlist creation


Just updated my iPod Touch and I have noticed no reduction in Backup/sync times at all. It still takes forever.:(

Good excuse to make a coffee though…


So far I’ve had a similar problem- I’ve updated through itunes and am getting a sync error when I try to sync my 2.1 touch with my library

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