iPhone App Store ate my data

One of the things I’ve liked most about using the iPhone with the App Store was how easy it is to get software updates for programs I’ve purchased.  A visit to the App Store is all it takes to find out if one or more of your purchased apps have an update available.  In iTunes you can click the Get All Updates button and let things just happen.  At least that’s the way it worked until this evening.

The App Store in iTunes told me two programs had updates available so I clicked the button to get them all.  Everything worked as always until the last app.  It was updating the CarbonFin Outliner, an app I use heavily and have written about here.  The update looked like it went OK but then an error box popped up on the Mac.  I don’t remember exactly what it said but it was a debugging error code of some sort.  I checked the iPhone and the App Store and both indicated that the Outliner was now up to date so I thought maybe it was OK.  Silly me.


A little later I went to add some items to a pretty big outline I have in progress and to my horror discovered that all of my created outlines are now gone!  The only outline in the program is the sample "welcome" outline that is installed with new purchases.  Gone.  There were about seven or eight outlines in there that are now in the iTwilight Zone.  Most of those I was finished with as I had already written the articles from them but a couple were works in progress.  Gone.  Now I have to recreate them from scratch, something that I’m never able to do completely.  Gone.  I feel iSick.


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