Cisco Virtual Office Highlights Security

ScreenshotAs covered on our sister blog Earth2Tech, Cisco is out with an integrated set of product offerings dubbed the Cisco Virtual Office. This is turnkey telecommuting for companies with a bit of money in the bank: Earth2Tech got ballpark estimates of a couple of hundred thousand dollars to spin up an installation. For that price, you get secure routers, IP phones, and software designed to enforce corporate security policies across the widely-distributed enterprise – right into telecommuters’ homes.

As Earth2Tech points out, “remote workers are increasingly cavalier about security issues, as the lines between home and work uses of technology have become more blurred.” While high-end solutions like Cisco Virtual Office will appeal to larger companies, even independent and small-business telecommuters should expect to be faced with questions about security as companies grow more sophisticated in this area.

What do you do to protect company data when you telecommute?


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