SkyZone Entertainment Sells Majority To Korean Firm VSST


Fort Lee, NJ-based mobile gaming firm SkyZone Entertainment has sold a majority stake to VSST, a Korea-based software company…the stake was acquired from SK C&C, another Korean IT services company. Also, CVE Group, a “provider of Reverse Logistics & Repair and Refurbishment Services of consumer electronics” (yep, that’s how they describe it), has also taken a stake in SkyZone. With this deal, VSST obtains the rights to SkyZone’s portfolio of more than 100 action, sports, puzzle, and casual titles.


Sam's Nemesis

It was a paper, life extending deal. Once the life of the company left, the publishing head and his group SZ is going to die and wither on the vine.


good for skyzone. it's nice to hear that a mid-tier games publisher can still command a sale value…

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