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WebDiet launches at DEMOfall

Webdiet_logoDEMOfall is getting underway today and we should see a number of products and services launched.  I have been in conversation with one such service that is launching today and I think it can provide some help to those looking to follow a healthier diet.  WebDiet is a location-based service that will make healthy meal suggestions to the user based on their location.  Many of us wish to eat healthier but the reality is that in the hustle and bustle of real life we far too often have to grab fast food.

This is only one area that WebDiet uses special technology to make meal suggestions.  It looks at your current location and let’s say it determines that there are several fast food restaurants nearby.  WebDiet will make suggestions based on those restaurants and make you aware of the healthier meals that you should consider.  That is pretty helpful but the service doesn’t stop there.  It will also track everything you eat, helping you realize what your consumption is at any given time.  The objective is to help make the user aware of everything that is consumed so proper decisions can be made for a healthier lifestyle. 

Webdiet_mobile_screenThe first service of its kind, WebDiet dynamically utilizes wireless, GPS and smartphone technologies, including iPhones, to bring WebDiet’s unique real-time Meal-by-Meal Guidance(sm) system to the palm of your hand.  To help you attain weight and health goals, meal suggestions are sent to you  directly before meal times based on personal settings and preferences, and can be custom-configured to support restricted calorie diets, low carb, low sodium, vegetarian, kosher and more diet choices.

“WebDiet gives consumers a smart and easy way to eat better, keep track of what they eat, and get healthy – even on the go – anytime, anywhere,” said Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMO Conferences. “Its innovative technology integrates wireless services, GPS, location-based services (LBS) and smartphones – and the company has a profitable business model that I had not seen in this category.”…

Users can select from restaurant and chain-specific meals, standardized meals available by food type and grocery stores, meals made at home, or from The WebDiet Collection™ of custom meal suggestions. 

The WebDiet Collection offers thousands of healthier, lower-calorie alternative meal ideas that can be made at home or custom ordered from many chain restaurant and fast food outlets, allowing users to eat at their local favorites while also helping them achieve their health and diet goals.

WebDiet sounds like a useful and hi-tech way to get on top of your personal diet while recognizing that sometimes you have to make do with fast food.  The ability of the service to email you meal suggestions at your preconfigured meal times can get you thinking about doing the right thing when you need to do so most.