TimeBridge adds support for iCal, iPhone and BlackBerry


TimebridgecalendarsharingI reviewed TimeBridge earlier in the year and came away very impressed. This free service is very effective for scheduling meetings as it expedites the process of coordinating a common meeting time between many people. One of the downsides at that time was that TimeBridge only supported Outlook and Google calendars, but iCal users will be able to take advantage of the service too.

TimeBridge announced iCal support last week, although at the moment, I don’t see the function on my Mac; perhaps I’m a bit early. Ideally, the integration would work just like TimeBridge does with other calendars: use the event information to identify and suggest blocks of free time that could be used for meetings. I’ll definitely be more interested in this once I can see how the iCal integration works.

The TimeBridge folks also mention a new mobile interface for the Personal Scheduling Assistant that works on iPhone and BlackBerry devices. I’ll take a deeper look at that once I see the iCal integration go live. If you routinely set up meeting events, this free service is well worth the look.

Update: I just heard from the TimeBridge PR folks. Although it wasn’t clear in the press release, the Apple iCal integration is in private beta, which explains why I couldn’t find the functionality. However, we have 100 invites (well, 99 since I just used one!) if you want to connect iCal to TimeBridge. "privatebeta100" without the quotes will get you in while they last. Hit up https://app.timebridge.com/lp/mac_beta.html for the download.

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