T-Mobile lights up 3G network in Philadelphia

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TmobilelogoThe City of Brotherly Love apparently got some more loving today. TmoNews reports that T-Mobile flipped the magic switch to enable 3G wireless broadband in my backyard of Philadelphia. I haven’t seen any speed reports yet and I don’t have a 1700 MHz device to test with (does anyone?) so I’m taking this one at face value for the moment. There’s no reason not to believe it though: Philadelphia was on the short list of T-Mobile 3G implementations this year, so it’s definitely plausible. Now we just need more 3G devices in T-Mo-land. The carrier added one last week with the Sony Ericsson TM506 flip phone, but me thinks that the HTC Dream is the one folks are really waiting for.(via Boy Genius Report)

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If you want to try out the 3G network, you can tether the new SE TM506 that T-Mobile started selling last week and return it before the trial period ends. Alternatively get a Stelera Option GT data card, which is compatible with the T-Mobile network; it’s how people in NYC have been using the T-Mo 3G network for months now. These are in (relatively) high demand, so you should be able to sell it when you’re done for a decent price.

//jealous because I live in SF

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