Samsung entering netbook market next month


SamsungnetbookWell, well, well… the maker of my personal favorite line of UMPCs has decided to jump into the netbook market after all. AVING has several pics of a planned Samsung netbook and I like what I see. It appears to be a 10-inch display and will run on the…. wait for it…. Intel Atom platform. There aren’t any other specs available at this time, but we should here more pretty soon since the launch is right around the corner. Korea will see availability in October, with other netbook-starved countries to follow after that.

Like other entries in this category, I can see three USB ports, Ethernet jack, card reader and VGA out. The touchpad definitely offers vertical scrolling from the looks of it and the keyboard looks sweet: a thin row of Function keys subtly sits on the top while the arrow keys are moved down a bit to offer more room on the bottom row. I see the standard web-cam above the screen and the whole device looks pretty sleek and slim.

(via UMPC Portal)


card reader is located where exactly?

all i see are 3 usb, ethernet and audio jacks…

Cody B

The shift looks nice. Looks like the Fn button is in the correct place as well.


A full-sized right shift key AND function keys? Add this to my short list of netbooks to consider buying.

It’s a little bit ugly (the curves, the massive screen bezel, the banding at the screen hinges, and so on) but I suppose that’ll lessen the chances of getting mugged for it.

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