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Rose, sxePhil, KevJumba, Nalts, Buck are Hooking Up

The new web series Hooking Up is the online video equivalent of the musical supergroup. Web personalities Jessica Rose, KevJumba, sxePhil, Nalts and Michael Buckley, all of whom are Internet famous in their own right, are among those featured in the new scripted comedy from HBOlab. Can their combined star power make Hooking Up hot?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series follows students at the fictional Bask U, who spend tons of time engaging in all the means of digital interaction available these days (Facebooking, emailing, Twittering), but wind up miscommunicating.

The 10-episode series premieres Oct. 1; it will be shown at and will be distributed through vid sites like MySpace and YouTube. There isn’t much information up on yet, just some cast photos and video snippets (including the one embedded above).

HBOlab is betting that these web celebs will be able to draw in their fans to create an instant (and big) audience for Hooking Up. The only difference is that some of these personalities will have to show that they can act, not just be witty in front of a web cam — especially Kevin Wu, aka KevJumba, and Philip DeFranco, aka sxePhil — both of whom have lead roles.

Ms. Rose, meanwhile, is no stranger to acting. In fact, she’s awfully busy these days, with not one, not two, but three different web series in the works, those of Hooking Up, Blood Cell and Sorority Forever, respectively. Buckley, of What the Buck? is also revving up his career as he recently signed a development deal with HBOlab for both TV and web projects.

8 Responses to “Rose, sxePhil, KevJumba, Nalts, Buck are Hooking Up

  1. So basically, HBO hired these guys like Phil and Kevin for their audience rather than their talent, or lack thereof.

    Interesting strategy. They’ll no doubt get a huge audience initially, and the guest stars, (CharlesTrippy, Mr. Safety, etc.) should keep the views high afterward.

    I disagree that these guys will have to show they can act. Their fans would highly rate/view/discuss them doing a crossword puzzle for 10 minutes, and it doesn’t take much talent/ability to appease their demographic.

    I think this will be a huge hit for HBOlabs.

  2. I was trying to make friends with Jessica Rose, but Michael Buckley TOTALLY stole her away. He played her his episodes of WhatTheBuck from his laptop. I hadn’t seen that classless behavior since Renetto cornered me at McDonalds and played me 12 of his videos.