Netbook prices dropping all over- EEE PC 1000H now


Brad Linder over at Liliputing is reporting that hot on the heels of the price drop on the EEE PC 901 the 1000H is now available at a much lower price than before.  He is reporting that you can pick up a 1000H for just $505 at Amazon or $449 at MWave.  That’s a $200 drop from the list price since the 1000H was released just a short time ago.  He also says that the EEE PC 1000 with a 40 GB SSD is now going for $599 which is a $100 drop from just a few days ago. Yowza!




Also, these price drops aren’t too much of a surprise. The truth is that vendors have been raking in premium profits selling light weight repackaged as something that should be a hundred times more expensive.

Everything else in technology has gotten smaller and less expensive (from videogame systems to camcorders, etc.)…. Laptops have done the reverse until fairly recently when the eee PC broke the strangle hold.

Dell is still to this day selling “light-weight” garbage for two grand plus.


By the way, I stopped in Circuit City and they had an in-store demo unit of the Acer Aspire One.

Even after many hours of research, etc., what shocked me the most upon seeing them in person was how seriously small these laptops are… They are almost TOO small. The keyboard was very easy to type on, which was a surprise.

The Asus eee PC 1000H is almost an inch wider but…. geez, I just might buy one of these things soon!

ARRRGGGGHHH !!!!! I can’t take it now! I want a bigger hard drive but, since the eee PC can be upgraded, I’m about to say F****** it!


Absolutely hilarious, Weylund!!! LOL…. You have an impulse purchase range?

…the silliest thing I’ve heard all week! Please, tell me more about your shopping strategy! : )

The funny thing is that I also noticed that that, at $449, the EEE PC 1000h was passing into my quick buy category as well. Though this was only subconsciously before I read your comment!


Oh man, I hope MSI drops their prices. Of course, they’re practically sold out, a decent indicator that they’re priced fairly well. They’re better all-round than the Asus line, I think.

So maybe Asus just drastically dropped prices to compete with the far superior Wind?


looks like you messed up Kev

not only is the new DC Atom coming out but MSI almost certainly has to drastically drop their price now to compete with Asus.

i should have known a price drop was comin once you bought it!


Wow, great news. $450 is a great deal for a 3 lb notebook with a 5-6 hour battery life. I need to start looking for change in the couch.


For the same price you will find EEE is better than MSI spec wise! the rest go figure.


Now it’s approaching to my impulse purchase range. The question is Wind or EEE…


Is it just me or is Asus showing how completely incapable they are of maintaining their share of the market? They’re slashing prices as fast as they can release these things.

Alternately, it could just be a sign that the netbook market is too volatile to support the kinds of prices that some vendors are trying to tack onto their products.

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