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Invision.TV Launches Web Program Guide

Online video search and discovery is one of those topics that seems to bring out the entrepreneurial juices in just about everyone. I mean, not to say there isn’t an opportunity to do this right, and perhaps serve a market, but the list just gets longer every day, and the video hosts are still where most of the traffic flows. A random list of contenders off the top of my head: Mefeedia, ffwd, blinkx, Fooooo, Truveo, OVGuide, VideoCrawler.

So here’s another one, opening up its beta on Monday with a web and Facebook app: Invision.TV, an interactive program guide for online video. The Invision.TV interface gets some things right: The channel layout has enough room to invite scrolling discovery, and I very much like the idea of a in-page universal player that loads any video you click on. But it also looks totally amateur with its squished thumbnails and fuzzy logos.

McLean, Va.-based Invision is led by former cable industry execs, and built its own crawler, personalization, and social tools. It has 10 employees, and is self-funded. The eventual business plan is licensing the guide as well as offering branded channels from content providers.

Invision is one of many companies debuting this week at the DEMO Conference in San Diego and the TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco (Invision will actually be at both, believe it or not, with a stage spot at DEMO and a paid demonstrator role at TechCrunch!). We’ll be covering all the online video players from both conferences here on NewTeeVee.

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