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DEMO: 10 Mobile Apps in 10 Words

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I’m hanging out at DEMO the next few days, and wanted to start off with a quick rundown of the mobile apps launching at the show. With 72 companies to check out in San Diego, plus the competing coverage out of the TechCrunch50, I figured I should keep it short and sweet. So, without further ado, I present the 10 mobile app companies showing at DEMO in 10 words or less.

  1. HeyCosmo: Call with questions. Cosmo’s machines find answers. In 60 seconds.
  2. Message Sling: Voicemail to SMS, email or web. Free on any carrier.
  3. Say Where: Say a place. Get local maps or information on iPhones.
  4. Mobile: Takes the free virtual desktop and makes it mobile.
  5. Maverick Mobile: Online backup and remote tracking or locking for Nokia phones.
  6. Rocketron: Call 408-907-2323. Hear ads. Get personalized news. Comment via voice.
  7. SkyData: Send secure corporate data to mobiles from the cloud.
  8. UbiSafe: Stalk teenagers, monitor older people and track thieves using GPS.
  9. WebDiet: Finds nearby healthy food using GPS and tracks calories.
  10. Xumii: Single sign-in connects IM, media and OpenSocial apps on mobiles.

10 Responses to “DEMO: 10 Mobile Apps in 10 Words”

  1. In the case of HeyCosmo, it’s great to watch how social networking turns what is a VoiceXML/IVR polling application into a fashionable gadget. This kind of apps had roots in the business world–goes by the formal name “communications enabled business processes”– in which the IVR systems polls decisions makers about a glitch in a business process. But the nice twist that HeyCosmo adds is the ability to let ordinary users create prompts on the fly from their cell phones. Kudos.

    Andy Green
    Avaya Global Managing Editor

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