NBCU Cable Will Deploy Google TV Ads; Multi-Year Partnership Covers Advertising, Research, Tech

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Speaking of Google and advertising, the company finally lands a big deal on the inventory side for Google TV Ads. NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) will use Google TV Ads to sell national ad inventory for several NBCU Cable networks as part of a multi-year partnership between the GE media unit and Google (NSDQ: GOOG). The two will share “all ad revenue” in the search company’s first major network deal for Google TV Ads. Participating networks include Sci Fi, Oxygen, MSNBC, CNBC, Sleuth, and Chiller but not Bravo or USA. Google and NBCU promise advertisers access to viewership data “at an unprecedented scale” and the ability to make “real-time adjustments.” The agreement includes:

— working together to adapt Google TV Ads for local markets.

— possible expansion to other NBCU properties.

— the right for NBCU “to set parameters” for the purchase of ad time.

— NBCU and Google also will collaborate on custom marketing and research projects for Google TV Ads.

— access for NBCU to advertisers using Google AdWords.

Google TV Ads uses set top boxes to serve targeted ads. So far, only the DISH network and a California cable system are on board. NBCU’s involvement could help push the needle. Release.

Update: NYT: Ed Swindler, EVP and COO for ad sales, NBCU: The amount of inventory NBCU will offer is

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