Everun Note gets unboxed


Everun_noteThe Everun Note is not a netbook, at least that $800+ price sets it firmly in the more expensive UMPC category in my view.  It’s a nice 7-inch notebook with a touch screen, although that screen doesn’t swivel.  It’s also packing an AMD dual core processor making the Note one of the fastest UMPCs in the land.  Chippy has his hands on one and has given it the mandatory unboxing treatment and he shows how well constructed this little notebook is.  I’m not sure how well that tiny keyboard will work but we’ll watch for Chippy’s impressions as he gets more time with the Note.



I am very excited about this umpc! I like the combination of the touch screen and use of the entire surface for the keyboard! Even if the optical mouse does not work that well, the touch screen will work great for general navigation(with the hand), while the optical mouse could be used for more precise selections! The Dual core is the very same used in my HP TX2000, just at a slower clock rate…and with XP that should fly! This product seams like it would be perfect for taking to school or on a trip where you can’t afford to pack a heavy and sometimes combersom laptop, but still need the function of power demanding programs…or just using simple program more effectively.

I plan to purchase this sub-note book as soon as it’s available! Most-likely in the 80gb hard drive viriety with XP Prof. if they offered at least a 32 gb SSD I would jump for that…but I would need at least 20 GB to work with.

I do have a question though, the PCIe slot in the front…what is that for? Previous information said it was a SD card slot, what can I use a PCIe slot for? I have never even heard of it. In addition to that, what good is a SIM card slot if it does not have a 3g module built into it? I have yet to hear of a uSIM slot either.

James Kendrick

Yes, I’m surprised that Chippy didn’t use the simple zip strip that FedEx boxes have for easy opening. I’m sure he’s gotten one or two boxes before. :)

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