Earth2Tech Week in Review


The conventions are over and we have the candidates. Energy will remain an important issue throughout the campaign, so stay caught up on the cleantech news.

Quiet Revolution Breaks Out in Small Urban Wind: Quiet Revolution, a London-based small wind turbine maker, says it has raised £7 million ($12.49 million) to expand production of its first vertical axis wind turbine and to develop its other wind turbines.

Toyota, GM Push Electric Vehicle Test Fleets In Order to Beat the Crowd: The race to debut an electric car from a major automaker is on and Toyota and GM have both bumped their schedules forward a year to 2009.

Detroit Electric Ditches ZAP Joint Venture, Looks to Malaysia for Production: Detroit Electric is a full-on company with reportedly $300 million in backing. ZAP is transitioning to being an electric car distributor, including DE vehicles.

AlwaysOn Green ‘08 Winners, Synthetic Genomics Best Overall: Craig Venter’s startup topped the list of some of the biggest players in cleantech.

Facebook’s Virtual Plants For Real Forests: How are a small army of Facebookers using cutesy cartoons to save trees?


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