Poll: Is the New Microsoft Ad Any Good?


Microsoft has launched its largest consumer marketing campaign focused on the broad potential of Windows across PCs, the web and mobile devices to date. The reviews are in — the blogging corps have given it a thumbs down. I kinda found it funny, but then I love everything Jerry does. And Bill Gates acts almost human. However, if the ad is trying to engage me about Microsoft and Windows, I give it an “F.” What do you think? Take the poll and share your thoughts.



The funny thing about everyone commenting about the commercial being off topic/point. It has been very successful indeed. You are all thinking and talking about Microsoft. Clearly they aren’t trying to tout the benefits of Vista over Apple here, they want to get people talking and thinking about Microsoft. Extremely successful ad spot. Has all of you idiots thinking about them and they get a whole lot of extra free publicity from the media discussing them as well.


Well to be fair, Om is one of the most outspoken Apple fans I’ve seen on a tech blog and one of the few people who forked out WAY too much money for that Air garbage. I would expect a poll from readers here to be pretty lopsided towards the “I prefer pretty over functional” side.


I find it endlessly funny that if Apple made the same exact commercial with Steve Jobs, it would be praised to no end. The rivers would run gold with kudos, conventions would be held just to show love for the marketing perspective, and Wall Street would explode with new outlooks for Apple. I enjoy the ad, Bill, and Microsoft’s effort. It’s okay to NOT hate Microsoft just because the geek from Dodgeball tells you to…

Ken Leebow

Humanizing Bill Gates — it’s long overdue. Good job Bill. Now add Steve to the mix and maybe you’ll be on to something.


Very sad. Just shows how Microsoft with all its money, is so out of touch. There are certainly smart people inside that company that see the wrong direction it’s taking, but are too scared to say anything.

The days of “We are Microsoft, you will all do what we say” are long over. We all have choices now and we are making them. Microsoft always talks about what’s good for themselves and their business partners. They never about what’s good for the user, so the users are moving on, at home and at work when they can.


That was the most painful and ridiculous ad I have ever seen. I have to admit though that the best part of it was Bill Gates acting, but that was it. I’m embarrassed for them.

If I have 10 million dollars to spend on my product, I wouldn’t spend it on an advertising on Seinfeld. I rather spend it on improving my product or maybe getting Bill Gates to do an advertising for me.

In the end, that commercial was confusing, totally unfunny and a waste of 10 million dollars. Next time MS, as an advice, don’t go cheap on hiring the best to advertise your products.


I didn’t watch the video above, but I saw Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld in a shoe store in a commercial on TV the other day, and I thought it was severely unfunny. I have seen every episode of Seinfeld, and I have seen his documentary, Comedian, but Jerry Seinfeld can be really unfunny sometimes, especially when he doesn’t have good material to work with. I thought the commercial was awful. I bet Google, Apple, and Mozilla could all come up with better commercials (although, I hate the PC vs. Mac commercials with Justin Long and that other guy).


Let’s see Microsoft associated with Conquistador and where did the Spaniards end up.
…. Lost Empire. UUUPS, maybe somebody at Microsoft should read up a little on History.


I like it. I think it’s great that they’re not taking themselves too seriously. Loved that Bill’s mugshot was the picture used on the card.


Interesting to watch..Jerry is funny..but not sure what is has do do with microsoft? left me scratching my head….but it has people talking so maybe that was their goal.

Greg Glockner

I appreciate that Microsoft is trying to make their image more human. Great idea. But the commercial feels very uncomfortable in many ways, and I find myself squirming when I watch it. Probably not the image that Microsoft wants. Hmm.


As a skit, it’s kind of funny. As an advertisement it’s a hopeless failure. I now associate Microsoft with discount retail – not sure that’s the positioning they are after.

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