jkOnTheRun video- Sena cases for iPhone 3G


The good folks at Sena Cases sent us a couple of leather cases for the iPhone 3G to show you folks a couple of options for carrying your phone around.  In this video I show you the two cases in two colors so you can see some of the cases they have available.  The Ultra Slim Pouch is a simple and thin case that totally protects the iPhone without adding excess bulk and weight.  The LeatherSkin is a different style of case with a removable belt clip that lets you operate the iPhone without removing it from the case.  Both cases are nice and elegant and get the job done quite well.  Thanks to Sena for sending the evaluation cases to share with you.



Mr. Reeee

I’ve had several SENA cases, for a couple of Sony Cliés and a Palm TX.

They use good leather and are very well made, with fine stitching. They’ve lasted well and continue to look good after several years. The simple flip case, with magnetic catch, works well and completely protects the device.

The price is good. You can’t go wrong with one of these!

James Bailey

Ignar is correct. There is no need to worry about the screen. It is optical glass and doesn’t scratch. The reason I like the Sena ultra slim case is it protects the back but especially protects the dock connector which on my original iPhone got somewhat messed up by being in my pocket all the time. I had threads caught in the clips on the side of the dock that I couldn’t get out easily that made it difficult to dock the phone.

I have the iPod touch case which works fine with the iPhone 3G.


If 3G screen is the same as 2G screen, you don’t have to worry about the screen protection. I’ve carried mine in my pants pocket for several months and got no scratch or dents at all.
That said, Sena makes wonderful cases, and I always love to get one for my PDAs. Their cases are thin, functional, and pleasing to look.

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