Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Gates, Alicia Gatto: NTV Station Today


Last night, during NBC’s NFL broadcast of the Giants vs. Redskins game, Jerry Seinfeld’s first Microsoft commercial premiered. Coming in at a whopping 1 minute and 30 seconds, Bill Gates is certainly determined to get every penny’s worth out of Seinfeld’s $10 million paycheck. I’m not quite sure what tasty new future Microsoft is selling, but I’m certainly buying into the idea of a Seinfeld-Gates Odd Couple revival.

And since Marie Digby’s embarrassing attempt at astroturfing, you don’t see many recording artists trying to trick YouTube audiences into buying them as rebels — but today Jill Weinberger takes a hard look at rising YouTube star Alicia Gatto, who claims to have been kidnapped by “The Man” and needs our help to escape his prison of bad music. Why isn’t Jill buying it? NewTeeVee Station has the answers.


David Blomstrom

What this ad tells me is that Bill Gates isn’t just an eccentric nerd and sleazy businessman masquerading as a philanthropist – he’s lost his mind. Though I enjoyed the old Seinfeld series, I predict that Seinfeld’s public approval rating is going to take a significant dip after associating with the world’s biggest dip.

Of course, that’s no big problem, as Seinfeld is more or less retired, anyway – plus Gates paid him $10 million to take the fall.

I’ll have more to say about Bill Gates mental state on my Bill Gates “knol” at

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