Dell Inspiron Mini 9 the easiest netbook to upgrade?



I had a great e-mail conversation about the new Dell netbook with our friends at LAPTOP Magazine last night. Much of it revolved around the Solid State Drive memory because I was concerned about the data transfer rates. Today, LAPTOP shares more information about the upgradablity of the Mini 9 and it looks like Dell made it easy, unlike some other netbook makers.

Just remove one bottom panel and you’ve got access to the SSD module, RAM slot, wireless card and free slot for wireless WAN connectivity. Looks pretty good to me!

One very interesting personal thought on the SSD. While the pre-production unit sent to LAPTOP has a flash module with an SST labeled controller, the unit at Notebook Review has a different SSD module. I’m extremely curious as to which of these will be in the shipping units. Or even if a totally different one is used, in fact. It would be a shame to see a faster SSD in the pre-production and test units only to have a slower one appear in what folks will be buying.

(Image: LAPTOP Mag)



i really am not a fan of the SSD module; really can’t utilize any platter harddrives or normal laptop drives.

i do like the extra pci-e slot though; makes adding a 3G card very easy!

bluetooth; well your prob either would need a pci-e based on or a usb one or you may need to further disassemble the unit to add it (if you can).

ah, should have checked jkk’s blog, he had the specific images up.

the bluetooth module seems to hide under the arm rest, and the wires are antenna’s. should have figured.

hmm, whats up with those loose wires? and where do the bluetooth go if one wants to add that later internally?

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