Social Net Ad Targeter Lookery Secures $2.25M Funding


Lookery, a company which analyzes demographic data on social net users and markets it to ad networks, has raised $2.25 million, Venturebeat reports. It says Lookery has already raised $1 million in angel funding. Since initially starting as banner ad network for third party apps on sites like Facebook and MySpace, the company has morphed into an aggregator of demographic data. In addition to giving sites a tool that records the users demo information based on their activity, Lookery also buys data from other companies. Also, it doesn’t operate directly on Facebook, because the social net doesn’t allow third party ad networks to target ads using its users


Scott Rafer

Hiya, "trolls" implies crawling, which we don't do. Our data is submitted by partners proactively using an API so we make sure never, ever to have anything we're not explicitly invited to. Thanks.

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