Interview: MocoSpace CEO Justin Siegel: “We’ll Generate Millions Of Dollars In Ad Revenue This Year”

imageIn 2013, more than 140 million subscribers will be part of a mobile social network, and that they will generate $410 million from subscriptions alone, which doesn’t include revenues from mobile advertising, according to a report recently released by ABI Research. To get a sense of where things stand today in mobile social networks, I caught up with Justin Siegel, CEO and co-founder of MocoSpace, a free mobile social network. (The “moco” stands “mobile community,” not “mobile content,” as it does in our name). Siegel said since launching MocoSpace in the fall of 2005, the site has been on an upward trajectory, and now has 3.5 million registered users and receives more than 2 billion page views a month, mostly from the U.S. and some from Canada. To be sure, the company attracts the curious, looking for photos and profiles of strangers and friends while on the go.

Highlights from the conversation with Siegel after the jump

“If you work in retail or construction, and occupations like that, you do not work in front of a PC. A mobile social network will be much more integral to your needs,” said Siegel, who points out that Facebook and MySpace make you register online first before you can view profile information on the phone. “It