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Windows ad featuring Jerry Seinfield airs

Tonight Microsoft aired its first ad featuring Jerry Seinfield. The ad (including Seinfield) is part of a new $300 million ad campaign Microsoft has put together to try and breathe new life in to the Windows operating system.

The 90 second ad spot is comprised mainly of shoe-banter between Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfield in a Shoe Carnival where Gates is a “platinum member.”

Interestingly enough, only 20 of the 90 seconds really have anything to do with Microsoft or Windows and of those 20 seconds, no time is spent actually touting much about Windows except that it is “The Future” and “Delicious.”

Microsoft has hinted that the new ad campaign is, in some part, a response to Apple’s successful “Get A Mac” campaign.

Personally, I’m not convinced this is starting on the right foot. My wife initially saw the commercial this evening and her response was basically “I don’t get it.” It’s one thing to try to be “hip”, but it’s another thing to try but completely fail at getting your message across. The attempt at humor is a nice change, though.

Check the new ad out below and let me know what you think. Is it effective or does its message get blurred?

47 Responses to “Windows ad featuring Jerry Seinfield airs”

  1. @mmmmmmmmmmmm The Stupid Mac Commercials are a proven success! Even my morning news program mentioned them just this morning! Which is something as this radio stattion is aligned with Rogers and Gates. 1 in 10 laptops sold last yr/qrt were Macs. a 29% increase. go and smoke that!

    PS i really liked the seinfeld ads. they were funny. gates was his usual nerdy self… and funny as well. But nothing can salvage VISTA. its toast. windows folks have voted with their wallets.

  2. There isn’t a point, it’s Jerry Seinfeld. It’s just something ridiculous and amusing. They don’t have to say it’s windows, it’s Bill Gates, they’re synonomous. They just wanted to beat the pants off those stupid Mac commercials.

  3. Wouldn’t Don Rickles have been a better choice? ‘So what if your computers suck? That’s no excuse. Here’s a few dollars. Go buy a suit. Maybe get a haircut at the beauty college. $5 on Fridays. Look, I know it’s hard being retarded, but at least make an effort. You think Larry Ellison goes around looking like shit? You can’t hire a Mexican to iron your clothes? Hey, let’s buy you a pair of shoes.’

  4. You know, and ad doesn’t have to specifically talk about product specs. in order for it to be an ad. This is just a way of getting Microsoft into the public eye. Some ads are VERY obvious (like HEAD ON! APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD!, that topical headache reliever). Thankfully this ad isn’t as annoying or obvious.

    As for the humor, I guess you’d have to have a dry sense of humor in order to really get it.

    I really don’t think there is any hidden message here. Just “Microsoft” and “The Future” being “Delicious”.

  5. Perhaps the theme of the ads is “just give me a signal” that MS is working on something big. The ads say “believe us, MS is.” But it isn’t clear than viewers have any reason to do so other than B & J found a way to grabbed a bunch of dough and are now rich old retired guys. Alas few Americans believe rick old guys have much insight into the future.

  6. This sure is a strange ad. Like many people have already said, I have no idea what the message is. They obviously tried to be different with this new ad campaign but it just comes across strange. Using Gates hasn’t worked really. Its a bit of change to see some humor from him but they probably would have been better using Ballmer as he may have been more of a laugh.