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TubeMogul Creates Web Show Marketplace

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Web video distribution and analytics firm TubeMogul has launched a “Marketplace” of web video shows or, as TubeMogul likes to call it, a “dating site” to connect advertisers with video producers.

The service lets advertisers search through TubeMogul’s catalog of video producers using such criteria as web show category (entertainment, technology, vlogs etc.), minimum views and demographic reach. Each web show has a profile page that includes a synopsis of the program, sample video, viewership statistics and contact information.

The program was in private beta until today and is opt-in for participants. The Marketplace currently features 230 of the most-viewed users, though both Sony Pictures and Ford Models backed out. According to a TubeMogul rep, the company is not making money on this program and is using Marketplace to drive traffic to the site.

While the show offerings are limited to TubeMogul users, this could be beneficial for advertisers that are just starting to dip their toes in the online video waters and looking for a place to begin.

8 Responses to “TubeMogul Creates Web Show Marketplace”

  1. A very solid idea, and one that is needed for the industry. TubeMogul is a very interesting new player to watch as they continue to innovate and push the industry forward.

    I look forward to seeing how this Marketplace evolves, changes, and grows.

  2. I am Sooooo excited about this. I’ve been waiting and waiting for someone who has the stats like TubeMogul or Podtrac to come out with an open marketplace where sponsors, advertisers, brand managers, brand marketers, investors and online video content producers can date each other.

    Nice work Tubemogul! I know it’s only going to get better. Now maybe online video content creators can start getting comparable CMPs or better than cable TV CPMs for sponsorships and advertisements that have proof of being watched.

  3. WatchMojo’s is a special case, since we create one profile per show and Mojo has several channels that contain more than one show. We meant to have this fixed before launch and are fixing it in the back-end (should be up in a few hours)…Sorry, Ash!

    This does not impact any other profiles.

  4. hey Chris,

    you might have jumped the gun, the data seems very incomplete – I cannot speak for TM but they’re making final tweaks.

    anyway, with 17M streams via TM (and over 30M in all since launch), looking at the data, would be around #10 whereas once all players are listed we’re actually around 20th.

    Anyway… file under “Assuming You Care”