Sony support notice: VAIO TZ notebooks overheating


SonyvaiotzGot a Sony VAIO TZ? This might butter your biscuit… or at least melt it. Sony issued a notice today regarding some potential overheating problems for the following notebook lines:

  • VGN-TZ100 series
  • VGN-TZ200 series
  • VGN-TZ300 series
  • VGN-TZ2000 series

Through a voluntary program, you can have Sony inspect and, if needed, repair your precious notebook free of charge. You can check to see if your particular VAIO is affected by this recall at The issue appears to be "irregularly placed wires near the hinge, or a dislodged screw inside thehinge, may create a short circuit, causing localized overheating". While this might be useful in colder climates during winter, it’s not a feature I’d want in my notebook.



I have a TZ130N/B model and it has gotten uncomfortably hot on the bottom but no heat from the hinge or anything like that though.

What a shame, I thought the TZ was such a high end notebook and very well made, I don’t think I’ll have to send mine for repair, even though I checked with Sony and they said mine is affected.

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I have a Vaio SZ and it has been nothing but a mess. The engineering is horrible. The mouse pad works in the opposite direction! A quick Google search shows that this is a common problem and not easy to fix. Add to that an engineering problem with the nVidia chip in it and you’ve got a loser.

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