jkOnTheRun Visitor Browser Share- Chrome version

We keep track of what browsers are used to access jkOnTheRun and post these statistics occasionally as they paint a good picture over time of the browser wars.  We can watch Internet Explorer slug it out with Firefox and see who is winning the fight round by round.  This week we saw the big release of Google Chrome and I was curious to see how it showed up in those statistics.  I took a picture of the browser share for just September 3rd, the first full day after Google Chrome was released.  I realize that the share of total visits using the Chrome browser will be higher than normal just because it’s new but even so I was unprepared to see these stats:


That orange slice of the pie is Chrome and it’s accounting for a whopping 10.36% of the total visits for the entire 24 hour period that constitutes September 3rd.  Any way you slice that figure you have to realize that Chrome is going to wreak havoc in this browser war going forward.  Chrome still needs a lot of work but it’s a pretty good browser out of the box and this number shows that.  We also see that Firefox is whipping up on Internet Explorer by a fair margin which is getting larger all the time.  That last stat, HTC P3700 Opera, is the HTC Touch Diamond which shows up as its own browser.  At least one visitor is using the Touch Diamond.


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