IKEA Assembles a Web Series


IKEA, the Swedish home furnishings company, is rolling out its new web series Easy to Assemble, which features a cavalcade of stars.

Valkommen To IKEA (www.easytoassemble.tv)The best bloopers are here

The series is created by and stars Illeana Douglas (To Die For), and will feature appearances by Jeff Goldblum, Tom Arnold, Ed Begley Jr. and Justine Bateman (who must be killing time before her own web series kicks off production). Each episode will have a star learning about different aspects of the IKEA experience (think Allen wrenches and Swedish meatballs).

While there is a spoof teaser trailer up now, the series starts in earnest on Sept. 22nd. There will be 10 episodes in total, with a new, three-minute episode each week at easytoassemble.tv, as well as on Metacafe, YouTube, Revver and other distribution outlets.

Loads of companies are getting into the branded web video game (Johnson & Johnson, Holiday Inn Express), but if done well, the playful nature of IKEA could carry make Assemble entertaining while making you forget it’s a commercial.


Dave Zatz

Wow, this is just too weird.

Though I would like to thank IKEA for my new red, leather couch. Who knew they had leather? Who knew they delivered? It’s been awhile since I’ve been in college…

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