Get Your Nokia VoIP On With Fring


Despite Nokia crippling VoIP on its latest N-series handsets, mobile VoIP companies are coming through with updated apps to keep Nokia users yapping away for free. Today fring released its software update for the N96 and N78 that gives users mobile IM and VoIP.

Other providers such as Truphone and Gizmo are expected to follow with their own N-series clients. Before you get too cheerful over the service, it might be worth noting that Om’s most recent post on the topic hinted that mobile VoIP users could be locked into walled gardens by individual services now that Nokia has taken out the native SIP client.

And for the hardcore VoIP users who need to bridge back to the less technically literate, TringMe is offering a worldwide telephone number folks can call that will ring you on your land line, TringMe mobile-VoIP client or GTalk. Connecting to a land line will require actual money (in the form of credits in a TringMe account), but it’s worth checking out.



I wonder if any of the other mobile phone makers will making similar moves to Nokia to limit voip choices. It seems like the industry is going to start heating up as voip services grow in popularity and challenge the bigger telecos, who may in turn start pressuring phone makers to put limitations on their phones.


Yes, Fring has been rocking my N95 for a while already. Hadn’t heard of or used TringMe so thanks for mentioning them, and even bigger thanks to the folks at TringMe who have hooked me up with my number about a millisecond after I sent them an email asking about it. Great stuff guys. Will provide feedback soon `as requested :)


I wanted to see if TringMe was really giving away a US number. Sent a mail to them & sure enough got a number. It works!

Yusuf Motiwala

Thanks Stacey for covering our new offerings.

We will give away 50 incoming number FREE for your readers. They just need to mention that they read it here.

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